The Calibration Tool we offer for our customers only.

If you don’t have any calibration tool or your certified mechanic can not calibrate your actuator- you can rent our tool- VGT actuator tester and calibrate it yourself.

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Terms of Service.

We strongly recommend watching our videos on how to prepare and test a turbocharger (see our “Tech support” page).

You get the calibration tool with 3 calibration attempts. After that, the tool will be unusable. If your turbo is in good condition- we 100% guarantee that the calibration will be successful on the first attempt.

You must return the tool within 3 business days using USPS Priority mail (return shipping label included). For each additional day, $20 will be deducted from the deposit.

Please carefully pack the calibration tool to avoid any damage during the shipment and bring it to any UPS store.

We guarantee the return of the deposit next business day after receiving our calibration tool.